Horoscopes can surprise you more than you would think. People have been reading them for the last 3000 years – but what is probably more interesting for us online marketeers is, that it is the second most sought-after keyword. The 1st. place naturally goes to s.e.x – (what else...)

A very interesting Danish entrepreneur, Martin Jakobsen has contacted us and asked if we would bring his story here. He started out by using some of our free templates for his projects, so he deemed it fait to return the favor with a solid article that could possibly assist others endevoring into the abyss of content and traffic marketing.


The beginning and how it all started

Since mid 2014, Martin Jakobsen has been working with free horoscopes. He started out by building the Danish website http://horoskopnettet.dk/dagens-horoskop/, and then ventured on to new markets. ”It was a rough start. My partner and I analyzed the market, and it was filled with high profile competitors – like newspapers, magazines and lifestyle and fashion blogs. They all had a rock-solid link profile and we had to re-think our strategy to not get lost on page 3 or 4. After some adjustments, it finally worked out!”, Martin says. Without further content Martin and his partner built a website and made it about horoscopes specifically. Nothing more - nothing less.


It’s off to Sweden!

A year went by and they hit the top 3 spot on Google. And after celebrating their achievements, they quickly ventured onto Sweden to try and armwrestle the markets there. ”Sweden was the second country out of todays’ 8 – and we are still expanding.”, he says. The Swedish site is called Horoskoptid.se and the Swedish word for horoscope is horoskop – just as it is in Danish. Martin continues ”Because of the similarities in the two languages, we could use quite a lot of our Danish linkbuilding strategies to begin with in Sweden. But it was way harder to peak in Sweden compared to Denmark.”


Other European countries

What was to come herafter, they would have never expected. While Martin and his partner were busy reaping what they had sown, they discovered the market potentials in Holland and then Germany. ”The markets there were almost impossible to get into, but we had a clear strategy, that would prove to be woth it later on.”, he states. Holland – alson known as the world’s SEO mekka turned out to be easier than what they had expected. And this despite Holland having twice as many people (and searches) than both of the previous contries combined. In Dutch horoscope is translated into horoscoop, and this meant that theu could not use the same strategy as they had used before. ”It was clear to us, that we had to find a new way of attacking the Dutch market. What that strategy was, I cannot reveal here.”, he says. Martin smiles and continues ”I can however tell you that we had to partner up with a Dutch SEO to get the job done. He and I are good friends today, and I have actually just returned from playing golf with him in the south of France”.


The challenge with Germany

Holland or The Netherlands, as it is called in actual English, turned out to be less hassle due to the newly established partnerships. Germany, however was a completely different story. ”In Germany we would meet a ton of adversary – especially in regards of Google’s algorithms. It seemed like it was different to what we were used to work with. My partner and I have pretty good skills when it comes to SEO, so Germany was kind of a shocker to us! When we godt the website up and running, we were not even indexed on Google and had to wait months before even medium and long tail keywords would show up on the first 10 pages. Germany was a actually a failure to begin with”, he says. But he continues to elaborate, that after one year, they started to see results. What the cause for the results was, he is secretive about. ”At this level of International SEO, the last thing I would do, is to invite competative forces to copy my link profile and strategy. I have seen even good friends make moves without my blessing in the same niches, because I told them too much – and often money wins, when friends have to choose between friendship and profit”. Martin’s German website is called Horoskopmekka.de.


Broken promises and a smell of burned chicken

It is cold on the top, and this Martin and his partner learned the hard way. After their success they both shared rather intimate details with certain individuals – one of them looking like a bird. Martin continues to tell the story ”I spoke freely to the guy, who looks like bird, and after some time he approached me and asked if I would allow him to work for a competitor. I, as the friend I was to him, naturally explained that I did not have a problem with it – as long as his work would not affect my earnings in any way. And that is exactly what happened. After some time, the site he was working on popped up right under ours in the SERPs. And a couple of weeks later, we found ourselves no. 2 on a string of keywords. This was due to his SEO work. The natural consecuence of this disloyal act resulted in a broken friendship, but I still wish him the best”, Martin stated. ”My partner and I are doing so well now, that I will leave it for him to pick up the crumbs on our road to riches”, he laughed. Sometimes doing business can get personal.


Furture plans

What the future holds for the two astrology kings, noone knows. Martin holds on to his deck of cards, scared of being copied or used by others around him. ”We might venture into a .com adventure in both Spanish and English. And when I say might – you might as well check out these two sites Horoscopeinn.com and Horoscopo247.com, that we built this summer. When the funds are there, the plan is to either expend internationally in English and Spanish OR start something up in Southeast Asia. The only problem about that is that the whole astrology setup is different, being that they turn to Chinese astrology in the far-east.